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Living in Budapest and leveraging on all the fun and in/outdoor activities the city offers might be a tedious task, if you don't speak Hungarian. This is especially true if you want to learn dancing. The idea itself is very good, as at the dance class you can meet other people, get contacts and lower your stress level. You don't need to understand what the teacher says, in most cases it's enough if you copy it. (Although most of the instructors do speak English, and per request repeat the most important information in English as well.) If you already have a dance partner, that's good, but absolutely not a requirement. Most teachers use the technique of changing partners continously to facilitate learning.

So, you got the idea, you may already have an interest in one or more dance styles, but how to find the dance courses? It is a challenge even for Hungarians to google out the dance schools, try to find the beloved dance style and find a beginner course which starts in the next few weeks. Not to mention the location of the lesson, which preferably should not be on the other side of Budapest. I'm glad to share you the good news: Challenge accepted, problem solved! We have created this site (Táncválasztó - in English: Dance chooser) exacly to address this task. In the list below you can find only beginner courses you can still join (either the course hasn't started yet, or there were just 1-2 lessons, so you can join). For this reason you may find the same dance course 3 times in the list with a one-week shift in the starting date. There are courses you can join any time (like Zumba, Jazz), they are marked with "Folyamatos:" in the title.

To further simplify things, you can book/apply online, so all you need is to show up at your first dance class. After the booking we will verify again if the dance course takes place, and you will get a notification via e-mail.

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Boogie-woogie kezdő tánctanfolyam (Pósz Márton és Köbli Gabriella)

Boogie-woogie Pósz Márton és Köbli Gabriella 8800 Ft
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

Teljesen kezdő boogie-woogie tánctanfolyam Pósz Mártonnal és Köbli Gabival. (A linkre kattintva megnézheted a tanár értékelését)

Tudtad, hogy a rock and roll koncerteken a legtöbben boogie-woogie-t táncolnak? Gyere, és tanuld meg velünk ezt a játékos, sokoldalú táncot, mely mindig jókedvre derít! Ha párt nem is, lapos talpú váltócipőt mindenképpen hozz magaddal. Amennyiben szereted a blues, a swing, a jazz vagy a rock and roll zenét, akkor ez a neked való tánc.

Biztosítsd a helyed most, és kattints a Jelentkezés gombra!

A bérlet 8 egymás utáni alkalomra érvényes (egyet lehet hiányozni).Ha bizonytalan vagy, akkor is jelentkezz bátran, mert első alkalommal órajeggyel is részt vehetsz az órán. Amennyiben tetszett a táncóra, a bérletet megválthatod az első óra után.

In English

A beginner boogie-woogie dance course starts with Pósz Márton and Köbi Gabriella. (To get more information about the dance teachers, please click on the link)

Did you know that on rock and roll events most dancers dance boogie-woogie? Come and learn this playful and versatile dance, which always makes your day! You can join us without partner as well, but please come in flat soled shoes. If you like blues, swing, jazz or rock rock'n'roll music, this is the dance style you were looking for.

Book this course online, we will take care of everything else! No registration is needed, book it easily by clicking on the Book now button. You can pay for the course on the spot.

The pass is valid for 8 lessons (in 9 weeks). If you're unsure whether the course will fit you, just book it and attend the first dance lesson with a single ticket. In case you're satisfied, you can buy the season ticket after the first lesson.


Sunday, 2018 March 25. - 16:00 until 17:00

You haven't found a suitable dance course, but don't want to miss the next beginner course?

Choose the dance styles you are interesed in, and we will instantly notify you on your e-mail address, if a new beginner course starts.