List of all beginner dance courses in Budapest

In the list below you can find only beginner courses you can still join (either the course hasn't started yet, or there were only 1-2 lessons, so you can still join). For this reason you may find the same dance course 3 times in the list with a one-week shift in the starting date. There are courses you can join any time (like Zumba, Jazz), they are marked with "Folyamatos:" in the title.

To further simplify things, you can book/apply online, so all you need is to show up at your first dance class. After the booking we will verify again if the dance course takes place, and you will get a notification via e-mail.

English-friendly dance courses

Wouldn't it be great if you could make sure that the dance instructor speaks English, so you can ask for help during the class? Would you prefer a class where you get a summary of the instructions in English as well instead of trying to figure it out from the "meta-language"? We have classified the available beginner dance courses based on how "English-friendly" the teaching style is. The categories are the following:

You can find the English friendliness category of a course at the bottom of the English description. (Look for the words "English friendly?")

Boogie-woogie intenzív kezdő hétvégi tánctanfolyam (Pósz Márton és Köbli Gabriella) - Boogie-woogie beginner intensive course

Boogie-woogie Pósz Márton és Köbli Gabriella 6600 Ft
Booked: 9 | Free Seats: 11

Teljesen kezdő boogie-woogie intenzív hétvégi tánctanfolyam Pósz Mártonnal és Köbli Gabival. (A linkre kattintva megnézheted a tanár értékelését) 

Most egy hétvége alatt elsajátíthatod a boogie alapjait, előzetes tánctudás nem szükséges. Mivel intenzív tanfolyamról van szó, pörgősen fogunk haladni, ami kiváló alkalom azoknak, akik már gyakorlottak valamilyen táncban, és most szívesen kipróbálnák a boogie-t. Lapos talpú váltócipőt, és váltópólót érdemes hozni (meg persze innivalót). Ha jól haladunk, átvesszük az összes kezdő figurát:

Időbeosztás: 2019.08.03-04.
Szombat-Vasárnap: 10:00-13:00 

Az előjelentkezés kötelező - a megfelelő fiú-lány arány biztosítása végett -, de nem baj, ha nem hozol táncpartnert. Az előjelentkezéshez kérlek kattints a Jelentkezés gombra!

A bérlet a fenti két napra érvényes.

In English

A beginner intensive boogie-woogie dance course starts with Pósz Márton és Köbli Gabi(To get more information about the dance teachers, please click on the link)

Now you can learn the basics of boogie-woogie in a weekend without any prior dance experiance. As it is an intensive course, be prepared for a high pace of learning new movements and steps. It's a ideal occasion for those who have already mastered in another dance, and want to try out something new. Please bring a pair of shoes to change, and some extra T-shirts. :). And something to drink! In an ideal case we will learn the following figures:

We speak English, and the most important instructions are repeated in English as well.

Time schedule: 03-04.08.2019
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-13:00 

Book this course online, we will take care of everything else! No registration is needed, book it easily by clicking on the Book now  button. You can pay for the course on the spot.

This pass is valid for this weekend only (2x3 hours)

English friendly?
English summary during the class.
Saturday, 2019 August 03. until Sunday, 2019 August 04. 10:00 - 13:00

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